Wedding Party

Maid of Honor: Cassandra Hofman

Cassandra and Dahlia lived in the same dorm a few doors down from one another while attending freshman year of college at University of California Santa Barbara. Together they have traveled through Europe several times and always enjoy running half marathons together.



Bridesmaid: Cherissa Casey (aka: Cher)

Cher and Dahlia met in San Francisco at a security x-ray machine at SFO while both were teary eyed and about to head to Germany for one entire year. Passing through security with flying colors, they strolled through SFO leisurely until they were greeted by an anxious stewardess who asked if they were ‘Frau Casey? Frau Krausse?’. From that point on both Cher and Dahlia have been on the go taking frequent trips to Lake Tahoe, hiking through rolling hills, strolling the streets of San Francisco and enjoying their sweet time wherever it may be.



Bridesmaid: Sarah Wagner

Back in the day when Sarah and Dahlia were attending Mill Valley Middle School they quickly became friends working on school projects together, playing doubles on the tennis court, driving around town either in a jetta or pathfinder or skiing down the slopes of Squaw’s Olympic Ski Resort.



Bridesmaid: Lucy Lindkvist

Lucy and Dahlia shared an awesome Victorian home in North Beach, San Francisco for several years. Together they enjoyed throwing huge parties which required way too much clean up! Each party and each minute of festivities, dinner parties, get-togethers and FUN was well worth it!






Best Man: Thomas Hellmich

Thomas and Sebastian go way back. Their friendship began when they both spoke not a lick of English, had bleached white troll hair, and played soccer at the age of 10. Unfortunately Tom moved to Sydney 7 years ago but they still see each other from time to time to have fun and discuss the problems of this world with all the cultural differences…
They also share some interesting philosophy about women ;-)






Groomsman: Carsten Lucke

Be it at Oktoberfest, in Munich or at a computer, these two kids have always been up to IT mischief. It is difficult to determine their real age when spotted together…



Groomsman: Sascha Gröger

Sascha and Sebastian always get into trouble be it floating down a river, shooting fireworks, playing poker or telling their fiancé’s that they still intend to drink one last beer before they come home ;-)







Groomsman: Klaus Kupferschmid

Klaus and Sebastian have known each other since February 2002, when Sebastian asked him for a student job. In the following years Klaus taught Sebastian how to be an IT consultant and they successfully finished a lot of projects and tons of drinks. Today they run their own business as partners and tomorrow they will try to rule the world… ;-)




The Flower Girl: Nele Sasse

Nele, the 2 year old daughter of Sven and Susi loves her Kindergarden in Berlin. It will be a big surprise to see this little girl walking down the aisle. Chances are she will simply make a dash to her mom…






Videographer: Gerd Krausse

Gerald (aka. Gert) is the bride’s uncle who was previously known as ‘Professor Krausse’ of Geography/Environmental Studies at the University of Rhode Island. Today, he is known for his amazing ability to photograph and videograph wild animals in their natural habitat. Gert has also produced 2 DVD’s for the National Wildlife Refuges in New England. Let’s just hope that Gert finds a little more professional attire in his closet the day of September 24!


Photographer: Philipp Weitz

Born in Germany, Photographer in America. Philipp captures wonderful moments from business events to personal happenings. He will be an asset to this wedding since he has the ability to converse with all guests either in English or Deutsch.